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Ghost Hunts

  Unoccupied House in Alamance County

Over 100 hundred years old, this house has been remodeled and added on to many times. Our group has access to this property on a regular basis.

This view shows the original section and the addition is to the right side of the photo.

This shows the addition added in the

1950's. Also shown is the original well in front of the house that we believe to be over 100 years old. 

The stone lining the well looks to be constructed from the same time period as the original foundation of the house. At approximately 50ft. down, the well is full of water.

    Front entrance to the Alamance House

    Zoom in on this orb and tell us what you think

  This location became available to us in August 2010. Brad and I have investigated this house at least 24 times in the past year. My son Allan has been there too. My wife Sara has helped with EVP sessions 4 to 5 times. Every time we go to this house, we capture EVP on our digital audio recorders. Our group also captured spirit orbs inside and outside the house with a Canon digital camera. Many of the orbs in the house have a human face within them. When the picture is zoomed in on the orb, the face in the orb becomes more clear.

  Several times we have heard disembodied voices, a child said "Christmas" and a male voice saying my name "Bryan". When we've left an audio recorder in the house over night we captured footsteps, banging, and slamming sounds. Because no one will ever live in this home again, we have the luxury of repeating our investigations there. Brad, Allan, and I believe that we have improved our spirit communication skills above and beyond the average EVP session.

  Now that our group has a haunted recording studio ( the Alamance House) at our disposal, we are working on improving the dialog with the spirits who are stuck there. We have an EVP where the spirit voices do in fact claim that they are stuck there. I have noticed that certain techniques and procedures produce better results in EVP sessions. These procedures and techniques allow us to capture more EVP's with profound information in them.   

 Our EVP sessions are very diversified and can even involve several people in the same house in different locations at the same time. With the help of hand held communication radios, we coordinate our efforts. This is just one of our procedures that we work with. We will keep you updated as much as we can with our results of the hauntings we investigate. Till then....   

Happy hunting 

Bryan Lauer


*Another Haunted Location near the Alamance House*

    Look in the open window for child appirition

    Look below the open window, next to Brad for the image on the wall.

    ( This image was not drawn on the wall, it is a stain)

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