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Daytime visit to the Mordecai House

( For larger View click on the image)

Front side of the property.                             

Tour Guide office/ gift shop,

notice the ball of light near the entrance.

( For larger View click on the image)

Brad & Sara outside the Mordecai House. 

Final thoughts before beginning the tour.

First upstairs bedroom- (EVP of a males voice caught as we were exciting the room)

Sitting room, Upstairs connected to the main hall.

Upstairs bedroom- (EVP) "to many around" caught during tour.

The Alen Kitchen- (EVP) "slide out" during tour.

Andrew Johnson Birth Place- relocated to Mordecai Plantation.

Bright ball of light (upper left corner)

 The Mordecai House Plantation historic park, is located near downtown Raleigh. A very well preserved historic site, with a rich haunted history. This plantation home sits on the original foundation with furniture and artifacts well preserved inside. Even during the day time, some of the previous owners of the house will make them selves known. Because paranormal activity can occur anytime, our investigative group understands the value of following a tour guide through a house like this and capturing EVP's. This strategy has given us a wealth of information about hauntings and many EVPS.

EVPS."The house has grown", "to many around", " I do without this house", and " times off". These are just a few EVP's we have captured on this visit.

 We believe that the spirit activity at the Mordecai House does react to the tour guides as they give their presentations. It is also our belief that the hauntings at this house are intelligent and not malevolent.

 Other buildings in this historic park include the Alen kitchen, the law office, and the Andrew Johnson birthplace. We have captured EVP in all of these buildings. I particularly like the Andrew Johnson birthplace and have even photographed what I believe to be spirit orbs behind and around the stairway. (see picture)

 During an event like this I welcome visitors to quietly walk along with us and then review the audio recordings we captured after the tour is over. We like to keep it causal and light heart-ed but with a paranormal twist!     

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