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About Us

   Our Group

  • Two health care workers (RN's)
  • One electronic technician (audio & video)
  • One skilled tradesmen (plumber, carpenter)
  • One Digital photographer


  • Stay true to our work

  • Discover & support the best techniques for paranormal investigation

  • Perpetuate improvements in spirit communication

Mission Statement

  To improve awareness of paranormal activity, ghost and hauntings. Show photographs and play EVP recordings to reveal when paranormal events happen in "real time".

When we find evidence specific to our investigation, Brad, Allan, and I do not dismiss the evidence because it can not be perfectly proven.


    In July of 2009 my family and I went to visit friends in Bloomington Indiana. While my wife and I were there it was suggested to go to the Stepp cemetery and use a digital audio recorder to record the voice of a woman who haunts the cemetery. So we went to the cemetery at night, before 11 pm and walked through. I asked questions, discussed the history and folklore about the place. When I left, I had no idea what was on my Sony digital audio recorder! When I arrived back at our friends residence, I reviewed the whole 22 minutes of audio. What I heard made one of the strongest impacts on my life. I heard answers to my questions in the form of what sounded like whispers. These answers were "get out", "help me", and "yes yes" just to name a few EVP's.

    From that point on, I would never stop trying to explain how those voices could get there. No one else there that night made a sound or contaminated the audio after I ask the questions. Little did I know, I had just discovered my first case of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). I believe that these spirit voices were trying to communicate with me.

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