original section and the addition is to the right side of the photo.  Real Time EVPWelcome to REAL TIME EVP.
        We believe that Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is so important to the research and understanding of paranormal activity; that it had to be reflected in our name. Also listening for the (spirit voices) as they occur in "real time" through the digital audio recorder allows the investigator to determine quickly how intense the paranormal activity may be. 
Brad, Allan and I have never been to a haunted location that did not have EVP present, during the investigation. Spirit orbs are also present in our video recordings and digital photography. Our experience shows us that EVP and spirit orbs can be detected in most hauntings. Everyone is welcome to contact us and share their experience or beliefs. 
Happy hunting;
Founder- Bryan Lauer
ShareCo.Founder- Brad Garner
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Mordecai House- Face of a man in the window  REAL TIME EVP
Mordecai House- Corner of the house showing the window pictured above  REAL TIME EVP
Paranormal Mist- At The Alamance House  REAL TIME EVP
Transparent child- Out side of the window  REAL TIME EVP
Spirit orb with face  REAL TIME EVP
Little girl orb, between the pickets on the balcony  REAL TIME EVP
The house with a orb of the girl between the pickets  REAL TIME EVP
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